Hello, it’s me.

Throughout school I was always into writing and expressing myself through my words. Since leaving uni over two years ago, I’ve found the real world often doesn’t give you the chance to write and I’ve really missed it.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages, but could never figure out what I wanted my blog to be about. I needed something niche. Did I want to write about travel? Food? Health? What if no one reads it? What if people say mean things? My mind would always give me a reason not to start one.

I’ve since decided that it doesn’t matter if no one reads my blog, because this a platform for me to express myself. To write about things in my life that inspire, delight and intrigue me. One week I might post about France and my desire to go back (my obsession is real), next I might post about a new restaurant I’ve tried. And if anyone has anything mean to say, I’m sure I can just block them.

Join me if you like, and read about how I experience the world. The ups and downs of life and new experiences I’m going to have.

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